BitBrawl’s 10,000 brawlers come from four different regions, fighting for glory. These are Nedunia, Ghule Islands, The Dynasty, and The Underground. Each region has their own unique skill set and attacks, along with their own universe and leader.

These unique skill sets will not affect the gameplay nor provide any competitive advantage to any region.


The giant crustacean animals use their big maulers to pulverize the rocks inside their beaks. The humanoids plug it into their eye socket, which is in direct connection to the rest of the body, energizing it until the crystals run dry. The animals scavenging Nedunia don’t seem to care too much about color or shape.

A total contrast to its superior species, who in turn look for the most vibrant and pure gems. Most humanoids are conceived without a right eye, in which case the gem is socketed. On rare occasions, the left eye is void. This is not hereditary, nor is it understood why some are missing their left and others are without their right eye. The one thing that everyone agrees on is that those without a left eye, the "lefties" are of superior intelligence but with a far weaker physique than their counterparts.

Technological advancements are all derived and centered around the crystals, which, depending on their color, have a different application. Tools, machinery, and weapons are often fueled by red gems, as they last a long time and have a predictable and steady deposit. The yellow ones are more powerful, but erratic in their use pattern. The most powerful weapons are alloy-based, which are gemstone-fused combinations in predominately pole weapons and spears.

Lefties: Nico Lopes Righteyes: Tio Chiboz

Noticeable Characters: Ricardo Ciudad, Michaela Chapaz

Ghule Islands

The scourge of this wretched place does not seem to care. Sleep and food are of no consequence or importance to those slumping through the streets of Ghule Islands. The only thing they crave is the rush inside their bodies when they fight.

Anchor Bay used to be the largest pirate cove in the known world. A hideaway for those on the run, an opportunity for fortune seekers of all kinds. When the Dawning happened, it rendered all the smugglers, scallywags, and buccaneers lifeless. Without a beating heart, that is. The rovers of the Ghule Islands are anything but actionless. Their speed and agility are unmatched, as long as they stay where they can hear the bells of the clocktower.

Not because it tells them the time, but because the sound reverberates inside their perished corpses, reminding them that they have something to "live" for. They need that rush, that insatiable sensation, for it is the thrill of the fight that keeps them going!

The large clocktower in Anchor Bay still strikes every hour, trying to remind its inhabitants what hour of the day it is.

Rowena Clemons, nicknamed "The Governess". Motivated to fulfil her promise to those affected by the Dawning that she will find a way back to how it was before. When the taste of spiced ale was something you looked forward to after a hard day of dishonest labor. Noticeable characters: Coster “Professor” Torp, Jarman “Tooths” Tottenhurst, Brockly “Renegade” Bushwood.

The Dynasty

"I would give all my Tykes to ride in an airship for once!" Carley, a little red-haired, freckled girl, yelled excitedly. She pointed her finger in the air, where the clouds revealed the majestic city in the sky from down below at the orphanage in the Buroughs. Jeering laughter rose around her. "You do know that Tykes are only worth something here at Lilypad, don’t you?" Redrick said mockingly. Do you really think that the heroic knights and fair maidens of the Dynasty would let us aboard anyway?

In the Sapphire City, as the Dynasty refers to it themselves, the sounds of steel are omnipresent. Duals, in the name of honor of one of the seven families that make up the Dynasty, featured swords, blades and knives of all sorts. Power in the Sapphire City, famed for its shiny blue roofs, comes from the dueling prowess.

It’s rumored that anyone can be the ruler if they best the one in charge. Aymer the Truthful is the Dynasty’s current champion, one of the princes of Dragonac. To have a chance at besting the famed swordfighter, many princes, noblemen and knights would have to be defeated.

The swords used by the fighters are forged using the Yggdral iron, which can only be matched with another Yggdral weapon. There is only one known vein that is being mind in the Yggdram mountain.

Aymer Dragonac, maybe more famous than himself is his legendary black-scaled horned helmet, forged by Hadin Glaurin.

Noticeable characters: Matin Glaurin, the master forger and grandson of Hadin. Durnot Nightrok is the head of the mining company which has the cobalt resources as well as the Yggdral iron vein, from which the best weapons are made.

The Underground

Fresh air is a thing that only the Elders of Vestiea, a large gas-based asteroid, can remember. Most parts of their bodies have not felt the warmth of the sun after a cold winter or the crisp fresh breath of air.

The Elders were the first ones to have the Known implanted. The first iteration of the chip that would capture memories and one’s personality had its flaws and defects. Only a handful survived the dangerous operation that required the initial upload. The need for the chip was the degradation of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The Alphas, as they were known at the conception stage, were error-prone and infused people with aggression and other personality-altering behaviors that were not tolerated. An ethical and moral conundrum, to say the least, brought civilization to a near-collapse until Pinto Skolar made a breakthrough with the Bravo chip. The blueprint for its current Foxtrot version of the Known secured a future for mankind, although billions have lost their lives due to asphyxiation.

The Revolt is being led by Timber Tadac.

The leader of Vestiea is Carmelia Beatrice.

Noticeable characters: English Taglac, Brace Tripod, Trent Julius

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