Ranked Mode

Players will be able to brawl online based on their matchmaking rank and challenge players with equivalent skills.

To enter a ranked match, each player pays $BRAWL Token entry fee. At the end of the match, part of the entry fee is burned, the winner receives the rest, and the loser receives nothing.

The first 10 ranked matches of every season will be played for free. Once the 10 ranked matches are completed, every player will be placed in one of three ranks.

  • Iron

  • Gold

  • Platinum

There is a 4th rank, Diamond, which is only available to those who qualify after winning a certain number of matches in the Platinum rank.

As players climb up the ranks, the amount they need to pay per match and the amount they earn increase.

The multiplier for winning is 90%, meaning if both parties spend 1 token to play, the winner gets 1.8. BitBrawl takes a 5% commission and the other 5% is burned. With each ranked match contributing to prize pools, there will be massive rewards at the end of each season for the most skilled players.

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