Stats play a crucial role in shaping your gameplay experience in Kingdoms, acting as the core attributes that define your army's capabilities. Stats are accessible directly on your profile, under the Commander section.

Upon leveling up, players are awarded a stat point, which can be allocated to one of six different stats. This system allows for a personalized strategy in developing your army, enabling you to tailor your gameplay according to your preferred style. Here's a breakdown of what each stat represents:

  1. Attack: This stat determines the overall power of your army, affecting how much damage you can inflict on opponents during combat. Increasing your Attack stat can significantly enhance your performance in battles, making it easier to overcome adversaries.

  2. Health: Health represents your army's total hit points (HP). A higher Health stat means your army can sustain more damage before being defeated, essential for enduring longer battles and surviving tough encounters.

  3. Crit Chance: Crit Chance is your probability of landing a critical hit, which deals double damage to an opponent in a single turn. Allocating points to this stat can increase your chances of turning the tide in battle with powerful strikes.

  4. Block Chance: This stat influences your ability to evade an attack from an enemy, effectively reducing the damage taken or avoiding it altogether. A high Block Chance can be pivotal in minimizing the impact of incoming attacks.

  5. Loot: By improving your Loot stat, you enhance the rewards gained from missions, including both gold and experience points. This stat is vital for players looking to accelerate their progression and wealth accumulation in the game.

  6. Mission Time: Allocating points to reduce Mission Time decreases the duration required to complete missions. This efficiency boost allows you to undertake more missions in a shorter period, speeding up your journey through the game's content.

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