As players journey through the game, engaging in missions, upgrading commander buildings, and leading their army into combat, they'll discover an array of lootable items, each designed to provide significant stat boosts.

Types of Items and Their Benefits

Kingdoms offers six distinct types of items, each providing specific stat boosts to commanders:

  1. Armor: Fortifies your commander by increasing hit points (HP), thereby enhancing survivability in battles.

  2. Weapon: Boosts your attack damage, allowing you to inflict more harm on your enemies with each strike.

  3. Helmet: Improves block chance, increasing your ability to evade or mitigate incoming attacks.

  4. Charm: Enhances crit chance, giving you a higher probability of dealing double damage on your turns.

  5. Ring: Augments loot chance rarity, improving the quality and quantity of rewards from missions.

  6. Boots: Reduces cooldown times for various gameplay mechanics, enabling quicker action and strategy implementation.

Item Rarities

Each item comes in one of five rarities, influencing its effectiveness and value:

  • Common: The most basic form of items, offering minimal stat boosts.

  • Uncommon: A slight improvement over common items, providing a moderate increase in stats.

  • Epic: Significantly enhances your commander's abilities with substantial stat boosts.

  • Mythic: Rare and powerful items that offer near-maximum stat increases.

  • Legendary: The rarest and most sought-after items, providing unparalleled stat enhancements.

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